John Travolta breaks bread with John Gotti, Jr. as he prepares to play his dad

John Travolta sat down for a nice Italian dinner with John Angelo Gotti, Jr. — son of infamous New York mob boss John Gotti — at Amici’s in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles Wednesday night.

No guns were secretly retrieved from the lavatory, no police captains were shot. Instead the two men broke bread over Travolta playing the elder Gotti in biopic about the gangster’s life story.

And from the photo, it looks like Gotti Jr. took a doggie bag home.

VIDEO: Watch Travolta and Gotti’s meeting.

“He’s a tremendous actor and he’ll feel the part,” the younger Gotti said of Travolta after the meal. Noting that he had seen all of his films, Gotti declared, “He nails every single one and he can do this too, I’m totally confident.”

(Gotti is right. “Look Who’s Talking” is a tour de force.)

Joining the men at the family-style dinner were the biopic’s director Nick Cassavetes and executive producer Marc Fiore.

Fiore told reporters outside the restaurant, “’It’s going to be the new Godfather. It’s a story about a father and a son, but the father happens to be John Gotti Sr,” adding “We have a real inside look. John, Jr. will answer any question you ask him. The Gotti family, they don’t try to put a sweater over things.”

(A sweater? What?)

The film, currently known as “Untitled Gotti Project”, will be about John Gotti, Sr. and the relationship with his son.

Gotti, Sr. was dubbed “Dapper Don” by the New York tabloids for his tailored pinstripe suits and later as “Teflon Don” for his knack for beating (almost) every rap. He was eventually convicted in 1992 for thirteen murders and a host of other charges. He died in a federal prison in 2002.

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