Jim Carrey laps up the fun at Super Bowl party

Jim Carrey was feeling no pain at the Casa de Don Julio party on Saturday evening in Dallas. An eyewitness tells Scoop that although he arrived at the party alone, he quickly rendezvoused  with a buxom ladyfriend who “gave him lap dances, and was topless at one point,” according to the source. “No one seemed to really mind.”

Carrey didn’t just blend into the background — he took to the stage when Cee Lo Green started singing “F— You.” “He started singing with him, then started doing these really strange dance moves. Like he was channeling a strange version of Ace Ventura.”

It wasn’t all debauchery in Dallas though. Earlier in the day, Pete Wentz’s Mercedes Benz charity Tweet Race wrapped up. The winning team happened to be Wentz’s, and at the conclusion of the event, a $25,000 check was presented to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.


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