Smart breaks out Forspeed concept ahead of Geneva Motor Show

A World War I issue flying cap and goggles might be standard equipment if smart‘s latest concept offering ever makes it to the showroom floor. The smart forspeed dispenses with a roof, adds in a bunch of intelligent electricity-saving features and offers an open-air driving experience coupled with the silence of a not-so-modest electric drive souped up and borrowed from the smart fortwo electric drive. Interestingly, it’s essentially an electric version of the smart Crossblade Limited Edition, which singer Robbie Williams championed back in 2002.

Dubbed as a “study”, the forspeed is a tailor-made electric solution for those climates where it is warm and doesn’t rain much, and where the alternative is to lock yourself inside an airconditioned metal box when travelling, or risk life and limb on a motor scooter. Probably more to the point, it’s perfect for those climates which have predictable weather. Most cities between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer have predictable weather and for long periods of the year, an open top car is all that’s required, or wanted. On the days when the heavens are predicted to open, leave it at home or suffer the consequences.

In terms of performance, the smart forspeed will hit 60 km/h in 5.5 seconds and has a top speed of 120 km/h – more than adequate for any metropolitan environment. The 30 kW magneto-electric motor can deliver an additional 5 kW at the press of a button for overtaking and it’s hard to see more being needed given the car’s low weight.

The smart forspeed’s 16.5 kWh lithium-ion battery can be charged at any conventional 220 Volt socket and when fully charged battery should deliver 135 km of driving while a quick charge to 80 percent capacity takes just 45 minutes.

In the broader sense, smart’s electrification as a brand is taking on the look of a cohesive production suite when the eBike and eScooter are considered – all upmarket, intelligently designed, very practical persoanl transportation solutions.

Given the rounding out of the smart electric range, we do expect to see the forspeed make it into production.

Finally, though the forspeed has doors, it’s remarkably similar to the Crossblade of 2002.

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