Charlie Sheen: How Many People Applied for His Social Media Internship?

Charlie Sheen broke yet another record on Twitter.  The response to a simple March 7th Tweet by the former Two and a Half Men star requesting a social media intern is being called “historic” by the company hosting the ad,

In one hour, 95,333 wannabee interns or simply those fascinated by Sheen’s request, clicked through the Tweet and were then asked to apply online.

To date, 74,040 applications have been submitted from 181 countries.  That’s pretty far reaching – even for Sheen – who now has more than 2.4 million Twitter followers.

With the deadline still two days away – March 11th at midnight to be exact – Sheen can expect thousands of more applicants.

What’s next?

On Monday, March 14th, all of the applicants will receive an email requesting an official resume.

Will Sheen have to spend countless hours sifting through tens of thousands of resumes?

Of course, not!

A software program will narrow down the enormous pool of applicants based on key words provided by Team Sheen,  e.g. geographic location, academic major, grade point average, and perhaps the number of hours they can stay up in a day.

At the same time,  “career consultants” will evaluate the applicants and ultimately provide Team Sheen with 50 of the best matches.  In the end, only one lucky intern will be selected to work side-by-side with Twitter’s most talked-about star.

When I asked the spokesperson if they were concerned about the working environment inside  Sheen’s so-called Sober Valley Lodge, I was told college students are “intelligent, will complete their due diligence and can be expected to make the right decision for themselves.”

Let’s hope so!

Mark Pasetsky is the editorial director of

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