War to End War

King Solomon, the wisest of all men, said “there is a time for War and there is a time for Peace“.

article-2583721-00E42331000004B0-20_634x413Unfortunately, now is the time for War he is referring to. The Jewish People despise War. It is against our grain. The Jewish People only want Peace. It is our greatest quest and passion.

The world wrongfully thinks Israel is a ” war machine”. They sinisterly paint Israel as the aggressor. In point of fact Israel is a vibrant , and  successful country seeking only Peace and tranquility with its neighbors. Israel has tried for 20 years to bend over backwards to make Peace with an incorrigible foe. In the process of trying to make Peace Israel has sustained over a thousand of its own murdered.

This is well before over a thousand rockets were sent over the past few weeks by Hamas. What other nation would have the heart and soul to continue to pursue Peace. Israel tried and continues to so so. It’s enemies only worked harder for its destruction. They saw Israel’s Peace efforts only as an opportunity to arm themselves with rockets and missiles.

Eventually, even a forward looking, positive thinking country would have to say enough is enough. How much torment can a nation bear? Hamas is tenacious but it must be must be severely crippled once and for all so it cannot acquire new Tunnels, and new Missiles. The kidnapping murder of Naftali Fraenkel, Gil Ad Shaer, and Eyal Yifrah, set off a shock wave in every Jewish Heart, It will never be forgotten. Right now the Jewish People have to pray for our Brothers who are fighting on the Frontlines. They risk their own lives to make sure innocent citizens are not hurt. King Solomon might not have fought one war during his 40 year reign but he would understand that now is the time to go to War to end War and to end the Hamas Reign of Terror that has lasted 30 years too long.

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